Corporate Parties

Move the meetings from the bored-room to board-games-room with exclusive Corporate Party offerings at Smaaash. Order some delicious food and sip on your favourite drinks, while you enjoy beating your bosses, in the games of course. READ MORE

Birthday Parties

Render your friends speechless with a never-before-seen birthday celebration at Smaaash. With Smaaash attractions, delectable foods and theme-party options to choose from, why host a party, when you can host a carnival? READ MORE

Team Building Events

Build some corporate comradery while you indulge in a range of addictive team games like W.A.R. Paintball and Twilight Bowling. With an intriguing attraction’s list to choose from, this is one field-work you’ll die to be a part of. READ MORE

Pre-Wedding Parties

Surprise everyone with your crazy trademark antics, on your last night of bachelor/spinster freedom. Immerse completely into the electric beats of chartbusting hits, lay your hands on our adrenaline fused stimulating games, or guzzle guilt-freely, on your favourite liquor and signature spirits. READ MORE

Kitty Parties

Host a memorable ladies night with interactive games, filled with juicy gossips and endless bouts of laughter. With a wide range of world-class cuisines and an assortment of sinful desserts to indulge in, even your nagging friend will have nothing to whine/complain about. READ MORE

Play Dates

Grab a chance to deepen your friendship with your children, by organizing fun-filled Play Dates at Smaaash. Listen to your kid’s deepest secret, while you share his favourite Chaat or compete over an exciting game of 9 pins. READ MORE