Smaaash Cricket

  • Take guard against the greatest bowling legends of cricket with SMAAASH Cricket – a one-of-its-kind 360 degree cricket simulator. Try to beat the field and experience what it’s like to play inside a packed stadium, as our innovative technology perfectly replicates the bowling actions of your heroes. The rank turners and toe crushers await, are you game? READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Vulcan Force

  • Experience a rush of adrenaline as you enjoy an aircraft battle, bringing down enemy aircrafts, using a gun that shoots 3000 bullets per minute! Using Virtual Reality technology, a helicopter cockpit is simulated, allowing you to experience a gritty war in the sky. READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Twilight Bowling

  • Put on your bowling shoes, take aim at the bowling pins and experience an incomparable and unforgettable bowling experience. At our UV-lit bowling alley, the only thing you’ll lose is the track of time. So play in perennial twilight and strike down your fury on the pins and your opponents, as you fall in love with bowling all over again. READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Finger Coaster

  • Find the most jaw-dropping and physics-challenging roller coasters at the end of your fingertips. Visit our latest addition to the Virtual Reality Zone – Finger Coaster and design the wackiest roller coaster ride you can think of. Our Oculus-based attraction will then take over so you can enjoy a roller coaster experience like never before. Hang on to your seats; this is going to be one crazy ride! READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Super Keeper

  • Experience the drama, excitement and emotions of a penalty shootout, as you go one-on-one against our supersonic goalkeeper. At Super Keeper, it takes a lot more than mere skills to strike the ball to the back of the net. If you wish to score, we suggest you keep calm and wear your lucky football shoes. Our Goalie hates losing, how about you? READ MORE KNOW MORE


  • Get ready to spread your wings and have an aerial delight like never before! Adding a whole new dimension to virtual reality, FlyMax uses the Virtual Reality technology to let you experience the thrill of extreme hang gliding. Giving you a life-like experience of flying, FlyMax will surely leave you asking for more! READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Bomb Squad

    It’s your steady hands versus a ticking time bomb at Bomb Squad – where you get to play the bomb-defusing daredevil. All you need to do is guide the bomb through a loop without touching the live wire. The people are counting on you to save the city, better keep that bomb disposal uniform ready! READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Walk The Plank

  • Experience Virtual Reality as it takes the thrill quotient several notches higher. A dizzying 50 feet fall on either sides in your way and the only thing between you and death is a narrow plank. You will make it to the other side only if you can fight vertigo. READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Nitro Wheelie

  • Get down and dirty on the racing track with Nitro Wheelie – a dirt bike game based on a platform boasting of six degree freedom. So put on your racing helmets and try our different racing tracks while you score points and try to beat the highest scores. When it comes to experiencing a dirt race, nothing comes close to Nitro Wheelie. READ MORE KNOW MORE

    X2 Motor Racing Simulator

  • Experience the pulsating action of a Grand Prix, not from the seats in the stands but from the driver’s seat, with F1 Motion Simulator. So put on the racing gear and drive around some historic tracks, feeling the heat and the bumps, as we blur the lines between racing and reality. Remember, our F1 Simulator is for racers, not the gamers. May G-force be with you! READ MORE KNOW MORE

    Smart Arcade

  • Experience time travel, in its most immersive and enjoyable form, by spending some time at our Smart Arcade. With vintage favourites like Pac Man, Air Hockey, Deal or No Deal and Simpson’s Soccer, you’ll never want to leave our time capsule. And if you enjoy the more conventional ones, there are also games like Connect 4 and Fruit Ninja. With over 25 classic and new games, where else would you rather be? READ MORE KNOW MORE

    War On Wheels

  • Team up with mates you can trust on the battlefield and form the most destructive zombie-killing team on four wheels at War on Wheels. Whether you are handling the guns or driving the rugged 4x4 Jeep, make sure it’s the enemy that is doing the running away in this 360 degree virtual reality treat. A war awaits, are you ready with your team? READ MORE KNOW MORE